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Quality Assured.

Willie’s Remedy is proud to provide Certificates of Analysis for our hemp products.

Certificates of Analysis (or COAs) provide consumers like you with assurance that the product you receive meets our standards of quality, purity and potency. We test to ensure our products contain the right amount of cannabinoids, and that they do not contain undesirable elements like pesticides and solvents.

Please use the form below to search by product and “Best By” date, located on the bottom of your product.

Why do you provide a COA?

A Certificate of Analysis is importance because it helps consumers understand exactly what is in their product and understand its potency. COAs create transparency for consumers, as well as regulation enforcers, and serve to protect consumers. A COA should also always be conducted by a third-party. The COA will show the cannabinoid profile and list the various compounds so you know the exact makeup of your product.

Where do I find the COA and what is this code for?

This is a QR code and it makes it easy for you to find our Certificate of Analysis (COA) for our hemp products. Just open the camera app on your smart phone and point the camera at the QR code. You do not need to take a picture. It will take you directly to the COA landing page or a link will show up asking if you’d like to open “”. Click it and it will take you directly to the COA page. You may also find it online at

How do I find information for my specific product?

Coffee & Tea

Our beverages are tested by a third-party lab once per quarter and grouped by the “Best By” date on the bottom of each product. Because we test quarterly and infuse all the time, we group our products by nearest “Best By” date.

On the form, type in “coffee” or “tea” to narrow the results, then select your product and the “Best By” date closest to the date listed on your product.

You may have an “Infused By” date on your product instead of a “Best By” date. Simply add one year to determine your “Best By” date and find the COA closest to that day.

(Don’t worry, we’re taking the math out of this going forward and switching to “Best By” dates for everything.)

Tinctures & Balm

We third-party test every lot of balm and tincture, so just find the “Best By” date on the bottom of the box or jar. On the form, type “Tincture” or “Balm” and search by your “Best By” date.

Type the product name in the form below and it will bring up your specific

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Have more questions?

Please reach out to us at and we will be happy to assist you.


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