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Willie Nelson in back shirt and hat looking thoughtful

Monday felt like “A Willie Nelson Christmas” but it was another internationally recognized holiday that the country legend was celebrating with a six-hour live stream: 4/20.

Willie Nelson & Matthew McConaughey sharing a laugh outdoors

If you’ve lost track of the days, today is April 20, aka 4/20.

Country music legend and longtime marijuana legalization advocate Willie Nelson is well aware of the date, and he’s been celebrating the cannabis holiday with famous family and friends as part of a live stream (that started at 4:20 local time, and is set to last for four hours and 20 minutes).

Willie Nelson playing guitar to a crowd pointing at audience

Turns out Willie Nelson wasn’t kidding when he and Merle Haggard sang “It’s All Going to Pot” in 2015.

In 2016, he launched Willie’s Reserve, his own brand of weed with it’s partner brand, Annie Edibles, featuring his wife, Annie Nelson’s artisanal chocolates and infused hard candies. Last year, they expanded the brand with a new product line dubbed SunGrown.

Willie Nelson playing guitar from Rolling Stone Magazine Article

Since launching his signature cannabis brand Willie’s Reserve in 2015, Willie Nelson has slowly expanded his reach into the burgeoning industry. This week, the Country Music Hall of Fame member and pot advocate announced his new Willie’s Remedy, a line of health and wellness products that kicks off with hemp-infused coffee.

Willie Nelson sitting outside drinking Willie's Remedy Coffee

Always a huge fan of hemp, Willie Nelson has launched a new line of hemp-infused products starting with Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee.

Willie Nelson onstage playing guitar

Kris Kristofferson, Margo Price, Amanda Shires, Jason Isbell and dozens more perform at Willie: Life & Songs of an American Outlaw.

Willie Nelson's Willie's Remedy Whole Bean CBD coffee

Country music icon Willie Nelson has launched a new brand of hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Yes, CBD coffee is officially a ‘thing.’ If you didn’t know it before, the release of Willie Nelson’s ‘Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee’ product will show you! 

Farmer in field with hemp stalks from Hemp and Farm Bill article

What is hemp?

Imagine a sweater softer than any fabric you’ve ever felt before, and more durable than cotton.

Imagine a car built with something lighter than steel that could stand 10 times the impact without denting.

Farmers in sunny hemp field harvesting hemp stalks

Now that Congress has OK’d the sale of hemp — legally separating the fibrous plant from its more laidback cannabis cousin — Texas farmers are prodding state lawmakers to join the 41 other states allowing cultivation of a crop that’s now more lucrative than corn or cotton.

With the quick toss from Senate to Congress, and now Congress to Donald Trump, the US Farm Bill is poised to legalize industrial hemp at the federal level. While CBD in itself is still in a legal grey area due to DEA scheduling, this opens the door to all 50 states to now grow and produce hemp, and that includes for any purpose from biofuel to even CBD, without fear of reprisal by the federal government.

Farmer and hemp stalk silhouette at sunset from Cannabis Industry article

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday approved the 2018 Farm Bill with a vote of 87-13, followed Wednesday by a landslide of approval in Congress, where the bill won by 369-47 votes.

Overwhelming bipartisan approval of the Farm Bill now sends the legislation to President Trump’s desk for his signature, which could happen as early as next week.

Fort Collins’ New Belgium Brewing and GCH, the company behind Willie Nelson’s Cannabis brands, are teaming up with advocacy group Vote Hemp to launch the American Hemp Campaign.

It was the sweatiest of times, then it was the rainiest of times, then it was the coolest of times. And beyond the strange weather, Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic brought many memorable musical moments as well. Here’s a quick look back at some of them, plus a little news gathered along the way.

Farmers in Texas are well positioned to be top producers of what’s poised to become the next major U.S. cash crop — Hemp — but only if state lawmakers let them, advocates told a legislative committee at the Capitol on Tuesday. 

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