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WILLIES REMEDY™ infused herbal supplements combine the best of full-spectrum hemp extract with herbal infusions and tea leaves for an ensemble that really sings. Our all-natural process protects the delicate leaves and retains the delicious flavor of each botanical, while adding calm to every cup.

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Calm—With Convenience and Conscious

Our triangular-shaped pyramid bags are 100% biodegradable for conscious with every cup. Our bags are free from chemical treatments, are certified 100% bio-based carbon and biodegrade in a landfill or compost in just 14-21 days. The whole leaves, flowers and botanicals stay intact and do not need to be cut like with other tea bags, preserving freshness and flavor, while the shape allows the botanicals to move freely. The result is an efficacious and efficient brew, similar to an infuser, with the ease of a bag you can feel good about.

Annie Nelson CBD benefit for seniors

“Our teas are pure pLant beverages. The infusion process to add the hemp extract to the tea is all-natural, with no added chemicals, preservatives or binding agents.”

-Annie nelson

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