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Ask Annie: Why CBD and Caffeine?

Steaming cup of Willie's Remedy CBD coffee being poured into mug from French Press

Annie Nelson, the visionary behind Willie’s Remedy, is a longtime believer in the healing power of organic nutrition and the many benefits of the hemp plant. In this blog series, Annie shares what she has learned about plant-based wellness over the years, and how Willie’s Remedy products came to be. Here’s the backstory on Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee: 

Q: What inspired you to create a hemp-infused coffee? 

The first time I tried hemp-infused coffee, I absolutely loved it. It was made by a gourmet small-batch infused coffee and tea company out of Boulder, Colorado, and I quickly became their best customer! This whole-bean brew was truly unlike any other CBD coffee I’ve tried: delicious, energizing and calming. We don’t sell any products we don’t believe in, and we were so enamored with this coffee that we reached out to the company’s owners and partnered with them to develop the Willie’s Remedy blend.

Q: Why does the infusion method matter?

There are many ways to arrive at coffee with hemp compounds in it—you could just add a dropper of hemp oil tincture to your regular cup, right? But that just leaves a layer of oil floating on top of the coffee, much of which will cling to the sides of the cup when you drink it. That’s not the best way to get the compounds into your system—and an oil slick isn’t all that appetizing, either. 

The method we use to infuse our beans actually took two years to develop.

Some quick chemistry here: Because plant cannabinoids are fat-soluble, they need a fat source in order to dissolve and become bioavailable. Top-quality coffee beans actually contain around 15 percent fat. When the beans are roasted, the solid fats transform into oils, which collect on the surface of the beans and give them that shiny look. When the beans come out of the roaster, we introduce hemp extract under very specific conditions that allow the hemp extract to bind with the oils on the beans. 

Our coffee is special because it’s a true infusion. Nothing extra has to be added or removed; there are no binding agents, no isolates. The plants want to work together! And in my experience, the coffee plant and the hemp plant have great synergy. 

Q: Why would you recommend combining hemp and coffee?

We keep some unusual work hours, especially with Willie’s touring schedule and other obligations, so we drink this coffee day and night! A lot of people are incorporating it into their morning routines, just to make sure they get that dose of naturally occurring cannabinoids first thing, but I think hemp-infused coffee can fit into the rhythm of anyone’s day no matter the time of day.

I love the combination of the uplift of caffeine and the calming effects of hemp. We’ve all had those moments of overdoing it with caffeine, where you feel jittery and unable to focus—but because the compounds in hemp modulate the body’s endocannabinoid system and help create equilibrium, it helps balance the caffeine boost—at least, that’s my experience. Hemp-infused coffee clears my head and helps me to be present and connect with others. 

We serve this coffee on the tour bus, backstage in the green room, after listening parties—even at Willie’s poker games, where our friends love it. Musicians, crew members, family and friends—all of them benefit from hemp-infused coffee. It’s good for mood and energy, but it also creates a group ritual and a social vibe, which makes it a great treat for an afterparty or group gathering. 

I often say that it puts me “in the zone,” and everything we make is about seeking out balance and helping others find their zone!

You can order Willie’s Remedy Coffee here.